Duparcque (1837) Treatise on the Uterus – Gynecology 1st American Edition


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Duparcque, F. A Treatise, on the Functional and Organic Diseases of the Uterus. (Philadelphia: Desilver, Thomas & Co., 1837) Translator: Joseph Warrington. First American edition.

Octavo. xii, [9]-455 pages. Hardcover. Calf covered boards.

Condition: Good-. Front board detached with FFEP partially detached. Light foxing. Heavily scuffed, label missing.

THE profession is under great obligations to Dr. Warrington, for his having introduced to their notice, and given them facilities for perusing, so admirable a work, both in its systematic arrangement and practical details, as Dr. Duparcque’s Treatise on the Diseases of the Uterus. In vain will they look in any other work, accessible to them, for a pathology of the alterations of uterine growth and structure, and a curative course inferred from,and consistent with, pathology,such as we find laid down in this volume. The doctrinal propositions are brief, and are constantly illustrated and enforced by the histories of cases, of which Dr. Duparcque relates no fewer than eighty-seven, the majority of which occurred in his own practice. – The Eclectic Journal of Medicine. vol.1, no.5, March 1837