Mamerot (2009) A Chronicle of the Crusades – 2 vol set with slipcase


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Mamerot, Sebastien.  A Chronicle of the Crusades. (Dresden: Taschen, 2009) Slipcased set of two volumes. Facsimile of Les Passages d’Outremer,

Large Quarto, 816 pages, profusely illustrated. Volume one is a Facsimile on vellum paper in Medieval French, volume two is in English. Very heavy.

Condition: Near Fine. Bump to corner of slipcase. Small tear to top edge of spine.

Completed circa 1474, Sébastien Mamerot’s lavishly illustrated manuscript is the only contemporary document to capture several centuries of French crusades, when successive kings tried to capture the Holy Land. Jean Colombe, the medieval illuminator best known for his work on the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, is the principal artist of its 66 exquisite miniatures.

Mamerot’s manuscript was dedicated to his patron Louis de Laval, governor of Champagne, whose inspiration was the Christian equivalent of extremist jihad—a xenophobic holy war with its origins in a Papal appeal by Urban II. Les Passages d’Outremer (The Expeditions to Outremer) comprises 277 parchment folios, illustrated by Colombe and the finest caligraphers of the medieval era, and now resides in the French national library.

This manuscript is the source of TASCHEN’s facsimile reprint, which is accurate down to the color of the medieval gold heightening. This two-volume hardcover edition in a slipcase – comprising a facsimile volume and a commentary volume with the complete translation of the manuscript text and explanations of Jean Colombe’s miniatures – is a particular testimony to that long, glorious and bloody historical epoch. The battles, burials, religious ceremonies, coronations and royal processions depicted in the 66 colourful miniatures come to life before our eyes and create a forceful image of those centuries-long wars.

The copy belongs to the Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris

The authors

Thierry Delcourt (1959–2011) earned a doctorate in literary studies and was the former head of the Bibliothèque municipale of Troyes (now the Médiathèque de l’Agglomération troyenne). He was director of the Department of Manuscripts at the Bibliothèque nationale de France from 2006 to 2011 and was the curator of the exhibition La légende du roi Arthur, BnF, October 2009. His books include Les croisades, la plus grande aventure du Moyen Âge, and La littérature arthurienne.

Fabrice Masanès is a historian, art critic and member of the Scientific Commission of the Gustave Courbet Institute, with a doctorate in art history from the Sorbonne. He teaches Modern and Contemporary art at the Université of Paris VIII and University of Illinois. He has written Courbet for TASCHEN and a book of short stories: Histoires peu ordinaires au Quartier latin.

Danielle Quéruel is Professor of Medieval Literature at the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne. She holds a doctorate in late medieval Burgundian romance literature, has studied prosification and crusade literature, and has published widely, including editions of Le roman de Tristan en prose, and Le Livre du devisement du monde de Marco Polo.

Mamerot. Les Passages d’Outremer. A Chronicle of the Crusades

Thierry Delcourt, Fabrice Masanès, Danielle Quéruel
Hardcover, 2 vols. in slipcase, 9.1 x 12.6 in., 816 pages