James Parkinson

Parkinson (1804) The Chemical Pocket-Book or Memoranda Chemica – First American Edition

The Chemical Pocket-Book or Memoranda Chemica


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Parkinson, James. The Chemical Pocket-Book or Memoranda Chemica: arranged in a compendium of chemistry: with tables of attractions, &c.: calculated as well for the occasional reference of the professional student, as to supply others with a general knowledge of chemistry: with the latest discoveries, from the London 2nd ed. to which is now added an Appendir [sic], containing the principal objections to the antiphlogistic system of chemistry. (Philadelphia: James Humphries, 1804) GDD-D846

Duodecimo. xii, 216 pages plus adv. plus two foldout plates (one as frontispiece). Hardcover. Bound in American calf leather.

Condition: Good-. Early (likely original) gift inscription from H. Drake to Jacob Dunham written in early ink on title page. Front cover reattached in an interesting, vernacular, method – an early basting stitch with linen thread – followed up much later by an unsophisticated use of masking tape on the inside hinge. Rear cover still attached, though only by the cords. Some discoloration along the edges. Red leather label is still attached. Covers scuffed.

James Parkinson FGS (11 April 1755 – 21 December 1824) was an English surgeon, apothecary, geologist, palaeontologist and political activist. He is best known for his 1817 work An Essay on the Shaking Palsy, in which he was the first to describe “paralysis agitans”, a condition that would later be renamed Parkinson’s disease by Jean-Martin Charcot.- Wikipedia












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The Chemical Pocket-Book or Memoranda Chemica


James Parkinson